Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earrings and Cufflinks Created by Planit Meetings!

black pearl shell cufflinks
Decided that rather than logo'd 'stuff', flowers, candy or cupcakes for Planit Meetings clients and prospective clients we visit, I give them earrings and cufflinks, that I design and create with real materials -- sterling silver and gemstones -- in mini Chinese take-out boxes, hat I also make. Light blue for small, more traditional earrings, darker blue for creative earrings, and red for cufflinks, for the males.

They reflect the philosophy of Planit Meetings -- only the best, creative, real. That's us!

I have given more than 70 pairs of earrings and cufflinks to current and prospective clients in the past
labradorite and sterling
few months, regretting that I haven't taken photos of most. They're hard to photograph....Never look as good in photos as in real life.

One client, who doesn't have much in travel or meetings needs, asked for 15 pairs of earrings and cufflinks to give as company gifts. I obliged, charging our client $5 more than material costs.

Ever since taking a jewelry-design course in college, have been making own jewelery....a fanatic about using real materials that last.

 Here are some photos of Planit Meetings bijou. Please check out my bijou blog:

Boston subway token cufflinks
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pearl, jade, crystal

If there are any you like, and you want to own, email and we can negotiate. Note that some earrings. have loops on both they can be worn either way. All are one-of-a-kind.

Cufflinks are traditional onyx, and also unique (like Boston MBTA tokens).
agate and sterling