Thursday, April 11, 2013

Animals-at-Work, Linus, Leah Levine

Leah and Linus
Excited to receive an email today from Planit Meetings friend Leah Levine, announcing the launch of her new blog, Animals-at-Work, at

Leah, a life coach, who also trains and mentors life coaches in Accomplishment Coaching's program, has MS, and her wonderful, adorable, gorgeous Linus makes her life easier.

In her blog, Leah writes about her life before and after Linus.... Her blog inspires, and inspires thinking!

Through knowing world travelers Leah and Linus, have learned a lot about traveling with dogs (Planit Meetings staff all dwell with our dogs), making me personally better able to assist Planit Meetings' travelers-with-dogs find the best hotel situations for them and their dog companions. It's not only about luxurious pet accommodations and amenities for dogs, packing toys, baggies, getting microchipped, but proximity to parks, where dogs can catch frisbees, run, play, sniff markings from other dogs, chill. Have become expert in finding the best hotels in optimal dog neighborhoods in cities across the US, while not sacrificing human qualities. (Planit Meetings likes dog-friendly hotels that restrict dogs to certain lower floors.)

Please share Leah Levine's Animals-at-Work blog address with your dog-liking friends, and send her any comments you have....and contact Planit Meetings for any hotel needs you have, especially when you're traveling with your wonderful dog(s).

All the best!